Early Poems

"Springtime" (February 21, 1986), won Honorable Mention in the Pot o' Gold Contest, World of Poetry, March 1986. Awarded 1986 GOLDEN POET AWARD. Published in World Poetry Anthology, 1987 and Best New Poems of 1988.

"The Knight's Toast" (May 1986), won Honorable Mention in the Hurray for the Fourth Contest, World of Poetry, July 1986. Published in the Great Poems of Today, 1987 anthology. My husband wrote the poem, I edited it.

"Christ's Sorrow" (September 16, 1986), won Honorable Mention in the Autumn Has Arrived Contest, World of Poetry, September 1986. Published in Great Poems of Today, 1987.

"Stars Fade" (March 4, 1987), won an Honorable Mention in the It's a Great Life Poetry Contest 1987 and a GOLDEN POET AWARD 1987, World of Poetry.

"Legacy" (October 4, 1987), won Honorable Mention in New Golden Poetry Contest, World of Poetry. Published in New American Poetry Anthology, 1988. Won 1988 GOLDEN POET AWARD.

"Honey" (March 3, 1988), published in The National Poetry Anthology, 1988.

"Separation" (June 13, 1988), published in American Poetry Anthology, 1988.